Our history

A century of experience, the story of a success that has ancient roots


The history of the company starts from Gambettola, a town in the province of Forlì-Cesena whose economy has long been linked to scrapping and recovery, to the point of naming the town “European capital of old iron“. Already in the 1920s, Giuseppe, great-grandfather of the current owners, used to travel through the villages around Gambettola aboard his bicycle for collecting scrap, rags and various recycled materials.


At the end of the Second World War, with an Italy to be rebuilt, the requirement for raw materials for industry increased exponentially. So, the recycled material, duly treated, became an accessible and economically advantageous raw material.

The turning point

The company grew during the post-war period, but it was in 1986 that the turning point came, when the 2 brothers Roberto and Alessandro Zoffoli decided to open a second plant in Tamara, in the province of Ferrara, for coping to an increasing demand of metallic materials.

The future

In the following years, the company grew up quickly reaching, over 40,000 square meters of total area and over 50 employees, in two yards Tamara and Gambettola.
Over time, the need has emerged, increasingly felt, to make the culture of recycling a way to safeguard the future of the Planet: and this is precisely what permeates the work of Zoffoli Metalli, daily committed for giving a second life to the waste material, re-introducing successfully it, into the market.