The ethical principles that guide the business, contributing to its success

Zoffoli Metalli believes that the fulfillment of work performance based on ethical principles favors the success of the entrepreneurial activity by helping to spread an image of a reliable, fair and transparent company.

All the Company’s activities must be carried out in compliance with the law, with honesty, integrity, good faith, respecting the rights of anyone involved in the Company’s activities.

To achieve this goal, Zoffoli Metalli has decided to adopt a Code of Ethics aimed at coordinating, through behavioral rules, the business activity with the principles of loyalty, correctness and diligence. In line with the application of these principles, the company has also requested and obtained registration with the list of suppliers, service providers and executors of works not subject to attempts of mafia infiltration.

White-list anti-mafia

We are registered on the anti-mafia white list
held by the Prefecture

Ethical code

Loyalty, fairness and diligence
guide the business activity

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