A decade of experience and very high quality standards

Zoffoli Metalli boasts decades of experience in the trade and processing of ferrous and metal scrap, a sector in which over the years it has highly specialized also through constant investments in research and technological development.

All this has made it possible to achieve very high quality levels in the various services offered to customers.

Customers can also count on a dynamic organization, based on the extreme competence of the operators involved, and on punctuality in the execution of services.

The company offers its suppliers and customers a wide range of services that facilitate and solve the management of processing waste and company residues.

Our services

Processing and recovery of electrical cable

Processing and recovery of electrical cables for copper recovery.

Aluminum processing and recovery

Recovery, production and selection of aluminum scrap.

Recovery and trading of scrap

Marketing, recycling and recovery of metal and ferrous materials.

Processing and recovery of electrical cable

Marketing, recycling and recovery of metal and ferrous materials.

Aluminum processing and recovery

Recovery, production and selection of aluminum scrap.

Recovery and trading of scrap

We are experts in the recycling of metal and ferrous waste.

Our equipment

For our services we use state-of-the-art equipment, roll-off containers, authorized vehicles, constantly checked to guarantee quality and efficiency for effective collection and recovery of materials, trying to offer an ever better service for meeting our customers requirements.

The company makes constant investments in machinery and equipment, integrating new technologies in order to increase the productivity of the plants and their production quality.

1 Plant

for processing
of electrical cables

1 Plant

of metal crushing

1 Plant

x-ray for metal separation

1 Shear press

for the volumetric reduction of materials

2 Purifiers

for waste water

8 Chargers

for handling operations

5 Forklifts

for lifting materials

3 Loaders

for handling loose material

1 Aerial platform

for lifting and parking at height

10 Vehicles

for transport and handling

1 Mobile crane

for material handling

Boxes and containers

demountable, for the containment of processing scraps

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The Zoffoli Metalli Srl company boasts advanced experience in the processing and recovery of electrical cables. The cable grinding plant adopts a simple but effective system for the recovery of copper metal from electrical cables covered with rubber or PVC casing.
After years of experience, Zoffoli Metalli Srl has reached an optimal level of refining and production.

Once treated, the materials are sold to the foundries and refineries of the sector where they are subsequently melted for the production of semi-finished products. The commercialization of the recovered material is aimed at a variety of businesses and countries around the world.

Some types of processing

Electrical cable

Granulated copper

Granulated copper

The Zoffoli Metalli company through the use of advanced equipment carries out processing, recovery and selection of aluminum scrap. The recovery of aluminum scrap takes place through crushing and grinding mills and an X-ray sorter.

Aluminum processing is intended for the production of large quantities of material for industrial use. The recovery of aluminum is a virtuous example of a circular economy in which the company Zoffoli Metalli Srl has decided to invest significant resources.

Some types of processing

Metal crushing mill

X-ray implant

Crushed aluminum

Zoffoli Metalli Srl is a historical leader in the trade and processing of metal and ferrous scrap. The marketing, storage and recovery of scrap are carried out by combining the best technologies currently available with skills and experience and consolidated on the reference market.

The recovery, storage and marketing activity takes place at the Tamara headquarters in the province of Ferrara and the local unit in Gambettola in the province of Forlì Cesena.

Some types of processing